Who we are

Established in 2002, The Marketer Loft is an industry leading, international Company which operates under distinct yet affiliated divisions, including Medicis Marketing, Ripe Image, and Webilosophy. TML is also affiliated with Medicis Consulting, a subsidiary Company. Innovative online applications and solutions such as Logic Data, Go2Chat, ProForms and Secured Care are also TML brands.

Our innovative services and strategic solutions are provided to an extensive client base throughout the entire United States and in numerous countries abroad. While select clients may work directly with our professionals, much of the work that we produce reaches the market under the names of our certified resellers.

Our Specialties

Executive Level Consulting

Our Expertise

TML divisions are set apart by the industries that they serve. Our PhD and MBA executive level marketing consultants know your industry and can lead the way.

Your Needs

While long-term consulting relationships often best serve the client, our professionals can intervene to offer guidance for specific purposes and projects.

Website Design and Development

Team Approach

Each TML division offers turn-key solutions. Our web developers, designers, copywriters, and project managers combine their creative thinking and business intellect to get our clients results.

Our Difference

Simply stated, our difference in website design & development is found in the integrity of our coding, craftsmanship of our work, our team’s meticulous attention to detail, and the overall quality of our design.

Online Marketing and Social Media

Our Solutions

We offer a wide variety of solutions that get our clients results online. Our teams have specialized expertise in organic search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media management & marketing, and online reputation management.

Best Practices

We are committed to the highest level of professional ethics and utilizing industry best practices throughout every service that we offer, including online marketing and social media solutions. We get results consistently, fairly, and without ever putting our client’s brand at risk.

Creating Equity Partnerships

You + Us

We offer select businesses the possibility of forming an equity partnership in lieu of direct compensation for the services and resources we provide. Partnering for equity can make a lot of sense in certain situations. We most commonly partner with startups, those wishing to expand, companies with unrealized potential, and those with less than desirable cash flow. If we see potential, we’re in! Interested? Reach out to us and let’s start the conversation!

Why Equity

We offer equity partnerships for three primary reasons. First, we are extremely confident in the ability of our teams and solutions to make a BIG positive impact – so much so that we commit our time and resources without direct compensation! Second, we believe that every business deserves a chance to succeed, despite a lack of resources. Lastly, we recognize that some entrepreneurs and companies simply prefer that their marketing partners and consultants have some “skin in the game” – in this case, an equity partnership delivers!

Website Support & Maintenance

We are obsessive about Tech Support! Our dedicated technicians are adamant about avoiding downtime at all costs, delivering exceptional service, and providing complete satisfaction – consistently, 100% of the time. We set the bar extraordinarily high. While most companies simply aren’t committed to this level of perfectionism, our support teams view anything less as unacceptable. It’s just the way we do business!

The Marketer Loft


We know uptime is vital. This is why we don’t wait for problems to occur – we prevent them from ever happening!

The Marketer Loft


We are committed to ensuring that your website loads and responds quickly. We never overload our servers to increase profitability.

The Marketer Loft


We guarantee uptime by minimizing security risks and phasing in maintenance without you experiencing any downtime.

The Marketer Loft
The Marketer Loft
The Marketer Loft
The Marketer Loft
The Marketer Loft
The Marketer Loft

Need a marketing partner?

Get serious results - even with limited resources. We sometimes provide our solutions & expertise in exchange for equity!