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Established in 2002, The Marketer Loft specializes in business development, marketing, and tech solutions. We get entrepreneurs and companies from where they are to where they want to be. Our experts are passionate, clever, and highly skilled business people who will take on your company’s challenges, projects, and long-term goals as if they were our very own.

In the healthcare industry? Medicis Marketing is an affiliated Company specializing exclusively in helping physicians, medical practices, and hospitals succeed.

Need business-minded software that will get your enterprise ahead? Filldoc, Got2Chat and Animated Inks are brands of The Marketer Loft.

What We're All About

We do the necessary to make businesses succeed. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach or copy & paste on watered down solutions, hoping that something, somehow – maybe with a miracle or divine intervention – might actually work. After all, let’s face it – success demands more, even WAY MORE and that is why so few companies succeed. We put forth the necessary effort by using our winning solutions, expertise and persistence to quickly and effectively propel companies forward.

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Our Specialties + Solutions

We specialize in getting you from where you are today to where you want to be, and get ready, because our level of effectiveness is far beyond your expectations – it is mind blowing!
“Okay,” you’re thinking, “That sounds AWESOME, but what is it specifically that you DO?” Well, if you really insist on getting that usual, rather unexciting and way overheard summary that everyone else gives, here goes…The Marketer Loft specializes in startup, business advisory & marketing consulting, online marketing solutions, cloud-based software, and the customized development of websites. Sounds typical enough, but don’t start thinking we’re just another business development & marketing company. We’re absolutely not.

You Know Our Work

As an industry leading Company, you’ve definitely seen our work. In fact, you’ve most likely noticed, or maybe even been stunned by, our creative, thought-provoking, attention-inducing approaches. Hey, we admit - they do stand out from the crowd. You’ve probably also used our website and cloud-based software solutions without even knowing it. After all, we market our Client. The limelight is on promoting THEIR BRANDS, not our own. Plus, that’s the way it should be! Indeed, due to working behind the scenes, confidentiality agreements, and our Reseller Program, we only occasionally take a little credit for a tiny bit of what we do. And even then, we play it pretty humble and low key. While our results will certainly get your attention, you’ll never see us showing off our own name too much. It just doesn’t happen!


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Chemistry Matters / Who we work with

We don’t work with just anyone. We must be inspired by our prospective client’s project, believe in their mission, have good client-company “chemistry,” and know that our team will be a great asset in helping our prospective client reach their goals. When we do take on a new client, there is no company out there that will work harder or more diligently to create successful outcomes than our team. And hey, let’s face it – we are most successful when our clients are most successful. It’s for this reason that we select our projects and client relationships wisely. The projects we take on must fulfill the needs of our team, just as our team must fulfill the needs of our client and inspire them to continually grow and accomplish their goals.

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    Our Projects

    Our projects are as diverse as our people. As intriguing as the various cultures and continents where we do business. From launching luxury product lines to developing business models and strategies for talented inventors. Being the THINK TANK behind innovative product startups all the way to licensing high-value patents. Capitalizing on e-commerce potential to creating online empires. From promoting world-class celebrities and athletes to fashionistas and purveyors of the finest foods and wines - we are continually inspired by diversity. But continuity does exist in our passion - we thrive on making mission statements into mission accomplished. It’s just the way we do business.


We work with companies of various sizes & specialties

Aside from promoting high-potential individuals, entrepreneurs, and inventors, The Marketer Loft is an industry-leading provider of websites, cloud-based software, and online marketing solutions for an extensive client base in a variety of fields and industries, including Accountants, Architects & Engineers, Business Consultants, Distributors & Logistics, Education, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Financial Advisors, Fine Arts, Food Artisans, Government, Hair Salons & Spas, Importers-Exporters, Interior Designers, Photographers, Recording Studios, Retail Boutiques, and Shopping Malls. The vast majority of our work is brought to the market through the brand names of our certified resellers. Whether you partner with us to resell our solutions, join our referral program, or work with us directly, you can rest assured knowing that we honor all requests for confidentiality and take our commitment to preserving your privacy very seriously.


Equity Partnerships

Not only are we far from ordinary, get this, we’ll actually PARTNER with our Clients. Yes, you read that right. You see, it’s not always about paying for services outright. In fact, some Clients LOVE the idea of their marketing Company putting some skin in the game. These Clients often make great Equity Partners. Other times, we have individuals reaching out to us who are highly ambitious. They have HUGE, "off the chart" expectations with budgets that simply don’t match up. In either case, if there’s potential and we feel that working together will be fun and mutually beneficial, we’re in. Wow – “who does that?” We do! Our outside-the-box Equity Partnerships are just another way that we turn dreams into reality for start-ups and established companies alike!

The term Equity Partnerships sounds complex and even intimidating for some people, but the concept is actually quite simple. These types of partnerships are all about creating mutual opportunity and success by pairing up with those whose strengths compensate for your limitations. Equity Partnerships will empower you to overcome any challenge you face.

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Could You Be Our Next Reseller?

Our Reseller Program is just another way that we create mutual opportunity and success! Completely unique to our industry, this program enables everyone from start-up entrepreneurs to established businesses to become profitable and create new revenue streams through reselling our cloud-based software, websites, and online marketing solutions under their own Company name – without ever taking any significant financial risk or having to hire an entire team of staff!

TML Certified Resellers receive sales training, legal & marketing support, and have ongoing access to our Secure Client HelpDesk to submit technical support tickets and service requests for their Clients. Resellers set their own pricing models, and our relationship with all resellers is strictly confidential.

If you or the Company you represent is looking for opportunity that offers you the ability to focus on sales rather than project development, technical support, and expanding your in-house team, this opportunity is THE ONE!

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Since 2002, we have offered our consulting, marketing, cloud-based software, and website solutions throughout the entire United States and around the globe. While some Clients work with us directly, much of what we do reaches the market under the company names of our certified resellers. If you’d like to discuss becoming our client or would like to get more information on our reseller, referral, or equity partnership programs, please simply reach out to us. We respond quickly and look forward to connecting with you soon!

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Where we work

Why The Marketer “Loft”…? This is rather interesting, actually. You see, we work with most of our Clients, Partners, and Certified Resellers “virtually” – that is, via our HelpDesk, email, online chat, video conferencing, and the like… However, we still need a place to work together and collaborate as a team. Instead of driving up the costs of our services by having gigantic overhead expenses for large, impressive office buildings, we decided that renovating old warehouses into open-concept “Loft” style workspaces made the most sense. These convivial work environments make it the ideal place for our teams to develop creative masterpieces, winning strategies, and innovative business tools that get our Clients ahead. This rather progressive “Loft” idea came from our founders back in the year 2000. In 2002, the first “Loft” workspace was opened. Today, we have numerous “Lofts” in select cities where great talent can be found. Think your city is loft-worthy?

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