Contact our team Since 2002, we have offered our services throughout the entire United States and around the globe. While some Clients work directly with our teams at Medicis Marketing, Ripe Image, and Webilosophy, much of what we do reaches the market under the names of our certified resellers. If you’re interested in learning more about us or would like to know which one of our teams can best serve your needs, please get in touch by completing the short form below.

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Where we work & Global Meeting Locations

Why The Marketer “Loft”…? This is rather interesting, actually. You see, we work with most of our Clients, Partners, and Certified Resellers “virtually” – that is, via our portal, email, video conferencing, and the like… However, we still need a place to work together and collaborate as a team. Instead of driving up the costs of our services by having gigantic overhead expenses for large, impressive office buildings, we decided that renovating old warehouses into open-concept “Loft” style workspaces made the most sense. These convivial work environments make it the ideal place for our teams to develop creative masterpieces, winning strategies, and innovative business tools that get our Clients ahead. This rather progressive “Loft” idea came from our founders back in the year 2000. In 2002, the first “Loft” workspace was opened. Today, we have numerous “Lofts” in select cities where great talent can be found.

Like to do business face to face and with a handshake? For certain opportunities and projects, we can meet with you at your place of business or are pleased to arrange an in-person appointment at any of the following meeting locations.