Go2ChatInteract With Your Website Visitors From Any Device

Our live chat can be fully customized to your brand and the look and feel of your website!

Interactive communication with website visitors

Having our live website chat enables your team to securely and efficiently exchange messages with website visitors while at the office or even when on-the-go. Staying connected with those most valuable to your business has never been more simple!

Our clients have said that our website chat is the most aesthetically pleasing product on the market. The beauty of our chat solution is that it was developed to impress stylistically while having all advanced functionality capabilities. You deserve better than using the same "plug-n-play" chat app as your competitors. Our fully customized live chat will set your brand apart and offer a greater level of performance than you ever imagined.

Our custom built application makes it possible for your website chat to be securely operated by multiple in-house or contracted chat agents and chat departments. Transferring chats, seeing IP Geolocation, receiving chat operator ratings, emailing chat transcripts – it’s ALL possible! Concerned about chat volume? Don’t be! Our system supports unlimited chat conversations!

Our fully custom website chat also enables your team to create their own chat schedule. Be available during strategic hours when site traffic peaks or when you’re running promotions. If your team isn’t available – no problem! With the click of a mouse, your website chat can be temporarily removed from your website, or you can leave the chat displayed but notify visitors that your team is offline. The latter method enables you to receive the contact information of site visitors who were interested in chatting while you were away.

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