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Go2Chat is our proprietary and highly innovative website chat software. Invite visitors to chat, increase sales, acquire leads – plus we fully customize our solution to fit the look & feel of your brand!


Go2Chat builds relationships with those you serve by allowing your team members to offer invaluable support, guidance, and service – all while creating personalized and long-lasting connections along the way!

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Go2Forms Business

Go2Forms Business is our powerful cloud-based online form software. It enables digital input, e-sign, file uploads, and even online payments!

Go2Forms Business
Go2Forms Business

Go2Forms Business is your all-in-one, secure, in-house solution that allows everyone who needs to digitally complete and e-sign your forms a simple, step-by-step process that can be completed online from any device. Need IDs, resumes, or any other files attached to the signed documents? No problem. Need online payments? We’ve got you covered! This innovative, cloud-based software propels businesses forward by enhancing productivity and cutting overhead costs.

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Go2Forms Medical

Go2Forms Medical is our fully customizable, cloud-based patient form software that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Medical practices and hospitals use this solution to enhance productivity, increase patient satisfaction and cut costs.

Go2Forms Medical
Go2Forms Medical

Go2Forms Medical is our HIPAA-Compliant cloud-based software that enables digital patient form completion, e-sign, photo ID & insurance card upload, and even online payments from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Our Practice Dashboard interface and system alerts will make securely retrieving all records and managing your patient forms more simple and efficient than you ever thought possible!

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Web Design & Development

What do you get when you put together a team of brilliant strategists, award-winning copywriters, and the most talented designers and developers in the industry? Well, spoiler alert …we are indeed describing our very own team and what you get is one AMAZING, Show-Stopping, Game-Changing, WOW-inducing website!

TML Solutions

So you’ve got a website project in mind, but aren’t you sick of hearing about websites? We wouldn’t blame you if you were. Everyone has one. Most are easy to come by, poorly designed, and unexciting. These sites make for good insomnia remedies but serve little other purpose. That’s where we come in. You see, there are websites and then there are websites. Our sites get businesses ahead. They create brands, inspire audiences, and bring a fresh perspective. They make people actually want to do business with you! How do we do this? Well, we can’t tell you all our secrets but we’ll say that we start by pairing up the best talent in web design with AMAZING programmers and software developers. Our capabilities are endless, and there are no limitations. We create online boutiques and build large-scale ecommerce powerhouses that will blow you away! We enable companies to see their site traffic LIVE and reach out to site visitors to start up a chat! Isn’t that cool? Looking to save more time and money? We get it, who’s not? Our custom websites can run off of Content Management platforms to make doing changes and site additions in-house a possibility for your team. Want to save even more valuable time and money? Our cloud-based software solutions can be incorporated to your website to streamline operations and make your business run more efficiently, day in and day out. And how about growing your business? No worries - our websites most definitely deliver. You’ll get more website leads than you ever thought possible with our custom programming solutions, website pop-up ads, and creative lead generation systems that PROPEL your business ahead.

Got a large-scale website project in mind or just want to give your marketing company some “skin in the game” to ensure HUGE success? Check out our Equity Partnerships. Learn More

Full Disclosure: Our Downside

What’s the downside of our website solutions? Well, you do have to be ready for growth. If you’re not, wrong place here! There are many companies out there who can keep you in your comfort zone, we’re just not one of them!

We Guide Our Clients

Some website companies ask you what you want and then try and deliver. They might even have you send over your favorite websites “to get a feel for what you’re looking for.” Nonsense. Many clients don’t know what they want and creating website design and development strategies is our specialty – not yours!

It is for this reason that all of our projects are led by a project manager with expertise in your field. Your project manager is your go-to, your consultant, and your advisor during the entire course of your project. Project Managers will understand your brand, your business, and your objectives. They will then ensure that your mission statement – no matter how disorganized it is – becomes mission accomplished. That’s the way WE do business!

Online Marketing

We don’t use “one size fits all” approaches for online marketing. Why? Because they don’t work. Each situation is different. Goals are different. Challenges are different. Plus, many factors must be taken into consideration...

TML Solutions

So what do we do? We analyze where you currently are and then use our expertise in search engine optimization, social media, online reputation management, and selective paid advertising strategies to get you even beyond where you want to be.

we get results.

Organic solutions should be the foundation of your online marketing. We show our Clients how to get results with minimal to no spending on paid advertising campaigns.

Social Media Management

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram + More. Our social media gurus are creative thinkers, journalism experts, talented writers, and graphic artists who will make your business stand out on any social media channel. Post creation? Check. Content Curation? Of course. Reply to comments? Oh yes – we’re on it. Review management? You got it. Our experts will make your brand GROW & THRIVE on social media!

Online Reputation Management

Our team of business executives, writers, and marketing experts come together to promote, protect, and defend your brand online. Every review – whether positive, neutral, negative, or very damaging – merits a response. We work on your behalf to respond to all online feedback timely and appropriately.

We show gratitude, we acknowledge good feedback, we address issues, and set the record straight. Experiencing online harassment or defamation? We have extensive experience in dealing with these situations and getting damaging reviews removed on behalf of our clients. When you work with us, one thing is clear…we ALWAYS have your best interests at heart.


Many of our consultants hold advanced degrees - think MBAs & PhDs. They are business people. They have created successful companies on their own and been invaluable business partners. They are Investors. Inventors. Equity Partners. Entrepreneurs. Our consultants are an irreplaceable asset to those they serve.

TML Solutions

Our consultants know the challenges of a start-up, launching a new product, building winning teams, expanding into new markets, and taking growth to the next level. Our consultants speak business fluently and can take on your goals as if they were their very own. They will get you ahead. Period.

leading the way.
Need an entire team of consultants but lack the necessary budget? Your best solution is to discuss an equity partnership with us. These types of partnerships are available for entrepreneurs and businesses with high-potential and an unwavering desire to succeed.

How We Work

Our consultants have very close working relationships with the clients they serve. When you hire a professional on our consulting team, you can count on them to be there to help you with any business needs that you have. Your consultant is your coach, your business advisor, your “think tank” and your go-to expert for all business challenges, questions, inspiration, motivation, and strategies.

While long-term consulting relationships are often times best for the client’s continued growth and success, our consultants will sometimes agree to intervene and offer guidance for specific purposes and projects.

From wherever you may be, we make connecting with us simple. Please feel free to send us a message anytime. We promptly respond to all inquiries!

reach out.
Equity partnerships... Could it be your perfect solution? When you are yearning for business growth, expansion, or simply need to become profitable or get a Company started, what do you do if you lack the necessary time and resources to set the wheels in motion? Most who find themselves in this situation simply settle for less – they give-up on their goals, lower the bar, become satisfied with simply making payroll... and the cycle continues - sometimes for years, sometimes indefinitely. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Email us

Reseller Program

We offer resellers the unique opportunity to resell our cloud-based software, website, and online marketing solutions under their OWN brand name. Becoming a reseller is a great way to create growth within your business without risking capital or hiring an entire team of staff.
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